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Why is a Brushless Motor Better?
Chances are, you’ve noticed all of the talk about “brushless motors” when it comes to hammer drills, cordless drills, etc.[...]
What Voltage Drill Should I Buy
When shopping for a drill, voltage makes a huge difference in power, performance, and price. But it can be hard[...]
What To Do With Old Cordless Drills
Got an old drill that is done serving its purpose? If you are wondering what to do with old cordless[...]
What is a Power Drill Used For: The Newbie’s Guide
Every man and woman out there will agree that a healthy household requires proper maintenance and care. This means either[...]
What is a Drill Press Used For?
You may have heard of a drill press before, but if you have not, you are about to find out[...]
What is a Brushless Drill and Why is it Worth the Extra Cost
A drill is an essential piece of tool that can make house repairs, improvements and overall maintenance easier. In the[...]

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