Best 18v Cordless Drill

Best 18v Cordless Drills
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Best 18v Cordless Drills

Cordless drills are key to a wide variety of tasks that you may need to do around your home, work or other places. There are such a variety of options out there, it can be hard to choose the right one for a given job.

To help you with finding the ideal choice, we're here to provide some information on the best 18v cordless drills on the market today. Take a look and you'll surely find the best drill for all your needs.

Black and Decker GCO18SFB

When you're looking for a simple, reliable option, this Black and Decker drill is absolutely perfect. It comes at a very affordable cost and is designed to provide plenty of power and control. With the 18-volt battery, you're sure to get everything you need.


This drill is one that is great for those who are looking for something compact and light. It's easy to use and won't be likely to tire you out as you work. With the set, you'll not only get the drill but also a storage bag, 18v battery, stud finder and charger.

Furthermore, it's built with a keyless chuck, which is made to provide you with the ability to change bits whenever needed without worry. The clutch itself also provides 24-positions with premium control. On top of that, it also includes a 2-year warranty for added reliability.

If you're looking for something that is a bit more heavy duty, this is a fantastic choice. People find that it's also very versatile, allowing it to handle a wide variety of tasks. The battery life provided also tends to be great for those who are looking to get through longer tasks.

That said, there are a few problems customers have experienced with this model. There may be some problems with the batteries accepting and holding a charge. Furthermore, some people might also find that the stud finder doesn't quite work as well as they had hoped.


  • More heavy duty than other options
  • Highly versatile
  • Long battery life
  • Powerful


  • Issues with the stud finder
  • Problems with charging

Hi-Spec Cordless Drill

If you're looking for a fantastic drill at a great price, this option is worth a look. It offers 17 positions as well as 30 added pieces to make sure you have the perfect drill head for every situation. Overall, this is a great tool that can provide you with a lot of versatility for just about every task.


This is a perfect choice for those who want a drill at an affordable cost. It's a great tool for DIY jobs around your home and includes a 1000mAh battery. Furthermore, it's able to provide about 18Nm of torque so that you can handle all your tough jobs.

On top of that, this drill includes a keyless chuck that allows you to easily change out your bits whenever needed. In addition, you'll also get 16+1 positions that make the job a lot easier. With the drill, you'll also get a 30-piece set to provide all the drill bits you could possibly need.

Among those who have tried this out, many customers appreciate the great size that makes their tasks a lot easier. The speeds also allow you to work quicker or slower depending on what you need. In addition, it comes at a great price that keeps users from breaking the bank.

However, there can be some problems with the battery ceasing to hold a charge. They have found that they charged the battery only to find that they only get a few minutes of work time before it died again. Furthermore, some have had issues with the bits not fitting into the drill.


  • Great size
  • Long battery life
  • Easy-to-use speeds
  • Excellent pricing


  • Non-fitting bits
  • Issues with holding a charge

DeWalt DC725K-2

If you're looking for something high end, the DeWalt DC725K-2 is a fantastic choice. In the kit, you'll get the drill as well as a charger and two batteries to make sure you're good to go for a long time before needing a recharge.


There are many out there who are familiar with the DeWalt name. This device allows you to choose between some highly powerful speeds, including rpms of 0-500, 0-1700,0-8500 and 0-29,000. As a result, you'll surely have plenty of power for just about every job you have.

You'll also get a charger with this purchase, which means you'll be set for keeping your batteries charged. It also offers a design that is very lightweight, ensuring you won't get tired very quickly as you work. It also uses an LED light to help make everything more visible.

One of the first things many users note about the DeWalt drill is that it's highly powerful. Alongside the long battery life, you'll be able to get just about any task handled in no time at all. The grip also makes it a more comfortable device to use, which is great for longer periods.

Keep in mind that this drill works well and has plenty of power, but it does come at a higher price than other the choices on this list. There can also be some issues with getting the batteries to charge accurately, which can result in some frustration.


  • Lightweight
  • Highly powerful
  • Long battery life
  • Fantastic grip


  • Issues with batteries charging
  • Expensive


While it is the most expensive in this list, the DeWalt DC725K-2 is also the highest rated among all of these options. It offers great speed, reliability, power and comfort so that you can use it easily.

If you find that this isn't the ideal option for you, then keep in mind that the other models listed here are also highly rated. Make sure to explore them all so that you can find the perfect choice for you.

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