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What Are The Best Cordless Power Tools?

Some traditional DIYers may argue that cordless power drills are less powerful than their corded alternatives, but the battery-powered drills we’re about to show you offer as much torque and control as any corded power drill on the market.

Read on and you might become a cordless convert.

Comparison Chart

Pink Power Drill PP182 18V Cordless Electric Drill Driver Set for Women – Tool Case, 18 Volt Drill, Charger and 2 Batteries

Makita XPH12Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 1/2″ Hammer Driver-Drill, Tool Only

Milwaukee M12 12V 3/8-Inch Drill Driver (2407-20) (Bare Tool Only – Battery, Charger, and Accessories Not Included)

WORKSITE 8V Electric Cordless Drill ScrewDriver With 1300mA Lithium-Ion Battery, 16 Position Keyless Clutch, Variable Speed Switch, Lightweight, Built-in LED Light, 13 Pcs Bits Set, Magnet Wristband

Best Cordless Power Drill Reviews

1. Pink Power Cordless 18V NiCad Drill Kit

There are some old-fashioned tradespeople that believe carpentry and similar areas of the industry to be decidedly male callings and perilous roads for women to travel. That is, of course, a ridiculous and outdated belief, which is why Pink Power manufactured the Cordless 18V NiCad Drill Kit.

Falling right in the middle of the price spectrum, this drill kit promises the female DIY novice all the tools needed to tear down walls (by building them, of course).

What's to like about the Pink Power Cordless 18V NiCad Drill Kit

The Pink Power Cordless 18V NiCad Drill Kit boasts many of the features of a traditional cordless power drill but utilizes a unique lightweight and compact design to make it less wearing on the female frame. 

Weighing in at just over 3 pounds, this drill can be used for extended periods of time without putting any strain on the user’s body. With an easy-to-use keyless chuck and a total of 16 torque settings, this is one of the more versatile budget drills on the market.

What's not to like about the Pink Power Cordless 18V NiCad Drill Kit

As great as this drill is for DIY newcomers, it doesn’t have a whole lot to offer professionals and should be avoided if you are looking for a power drill capable of completing heavy-duty tasks.

It should also be noted that some Pink Power customers who have used the 18V NiCad Drill Kit have complained about the device’s charger, which feels flimsy and takes longer than one would expect to refuel the drill’s batteries.


  • check
    Includes drill bit set and carrying case
  • check
    Built-in bubble level
  • check
    Magnetic base


  • Underwhelming charger
  • No instruction manual
  • Short battery life

2. Makita 18V LXT

Drills with a brushless motor alter their power output based on the task at hand, so DIYers with a heavy workload should look to a brushless model when searching for the best cordless power drill.

Generally speaking, brushless drills are a little more expensive than brushed ones, but you don’t need to resign yourself to three banyan days a week to be able to afford one. The Makita 18V LXT performs like a high-end power drill but can be purchased for a fraction of the cost.

What's to like about the Makita 18V LXT

The Makita 18V LXT is absolutely loaded with features designed to make it easy to use, regardless of your level of experience. A rubberized handle ensures a degree of comfort not typically experienced when using mid-range power drills and promises greater grip, so you don’t have to worry about the drill slipping should your hand start to sweat after a couple of hours of work.

It also comes fitted with an integrated LED light and Makita’s Extreme Protection Technology, which protects the drill from water and dust.

What's not to like about the Makita 18V LXT

The Makita 18V LXT runs on a lithium ion battery, which lasts significantly longer than a traditional battery. It is important to note, however, that such a battery does not come included with this drill and must be purchased separately.


  • check
    2-speed brushless motor
  • check
    All-metal gear housing
  • check
    Long battery life


  • Battery and charger not included
  • Loud when in use
  • Poor placing of reverse switch

3. Milwaukee M12 Drill/Driver

The search for the best power drill for you is easier when you have a lot of room in your budget to play around with.

That being said, it is possible to get your hands on a high-performance drill without dropping serious cash. Those who doubt that need only to look at the M12 Drill/Driver from Milwaukee to see how wrong they have been.

What's to like about the Milwaukee M12 Drill/Driver

With its compact size and lightweight design, the Milwaukee M12 Drill/Driver is one of the best cordless power drills in its price range for long jobs. At less than 3 pounds, it is just as suited to the female body as the Pink Power Cordless 18V NiCad Drill Kit. This drill boasts an all-metal chuck, a feature that is rarely seen on drills in its price range, and one that almost entirely eradicates the risk of your drill or driver bit coming loose during operation.

What's not to like about the Milwaukee M12 Drill/Driver

It’s important to remember that the low price of the Milwaukee M12 Drill/Driver does give rise to a couple of faults, such as its oft-bemoaned short battery life.

Some Milwaukee customers who have ordered this drill online have reported receiving it in subpar packaging – a paper envelope rather than a cardboard box – so you may want to buy the M12 in-store if you worry about your tools being damaged in shipping.


  • check
    Ergonomic handle design
  • check
    Battery life gauge
  • check
    5-year limited warranty


  • Poorly packaged
  • Brushed motor
  • Short battery life

4. WORKSITE 8V Electric Cordless Drill

Despite being among the least expensive cordless power drills not just on this list, but on the market today, the WORKSITE 8V Electric Cordless Drill has some pretty useful features and a series of accessories, each designed to streamline your projects and ease your workload.

What's to like about the WORKSITE 8V Electric Cordless Drill

This drill’s lightweight design, coupled with its slim body, makes it the perfect tool for tight areas and overhead jobs. With 15+1 torque settings, the WORKSITE 8V Electric Cordless Drill is remarkable in its versatility and can be used to complete a wide range of tasks throughout the home.

As a brand, WORKSITE is often praised for its dedication to quality and customer service and is certainly anything but incommunicado when it receives a complaint or question. Should your drill cause you any problems, you can be certain that a member of the WORKSITE team will be standing by to guide you through it.

What's not to like about the WORKSITE 8V Electric Cordless Drill

Even with its multiple torque settings, the WORKSITE 8V Electric Cordless Drill lacks the power needed to be of any use in professional situations, which is a little ironic considering the name of the brand.

Furthermore, the magnetic wristband which is included with the drill and designed to hold drill bits may be too large to properly fit a female wrist


  • check
    15+1 torque settings
  • check
    13 included accessories
  • check
    2-year warranty


  • Not suitable for professional work
  • Loud when in use
  • Weak bit adapter

5. Hitachi DS18DSAL

Hitachi is among the most popular manufacturers of power drills in the world, so it isn’t all that surprising that the brand’s DS18DSAL has proven so popular with DIYers since it first hit the shelves over a decade ago.

While it may be lacking a couple of contemporary features, the Hitachi DS18DSAL remains a high-end cordless power drill and even has applications in professional design, so you should certainly consider it if you’re a tradesperson looking for a secondary drill.

What's to like about the Hitachi DS18DSAL

We understand that the idea of purchasing a brushed power drill may seem almost sacrilegious to some DIYers, but the Hitachi DS18DSAL serves to further its manufacturer’s reputation for excellence, largely owing to its 22 drive settings and 2-speed motor.

The DS18DSAL runs on lithium ion batteries, giving it a longer life while improving ergonomics and reducing stress on the muscles. The battery charger is designed to prevent overheating and power loss, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your drill by forgetting to turn it off when not using it.

What's not to like about the Hitachi DS18DSAL

The Hitachi DS18DSAL sells for over $100, which makes it the most expensive drill on this list by quite a significant margin. While that price tag isn’t unreasonably high, one would expect to receive some complimentary drill bits for the money.

Unfortunately, Hitachi does not include them with this drill, although it will provide you with a branded carrying case and a lithium ion flashlight.


  • check
    Free carrying case and flashlight
  • check
    Lifetime lithium ion tool warranty
  • check
    Professional grade


  • No included drill bits
  • Loose chuck
  • Expensive


We think that the most impressive cordless power drill to appear on this list – a list which includes some very impressive cordless power drills – is the Hitachi DS18DSAL.

When it comes to power and convenience, the DS18DSAL simply cannot be rivaled by any of the other power drills within its price range, and the carrying case and flashlight Hitachi includes with every purchase of the drill serve only to further its appeal. 

If you’d rather not spend the $100+ Hitachi asks for its DS18DSAL, we recommend going with the Milwaukee M12 Drill/Driver, which is far more powerful than its compact size would have you believe and every bit as convenient.

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