Can You Drill Through Tile?

Can You Drill Through Tile
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Can You Drill Through Tile?

So, the main question is whether or not you can drill through tile. You can drill through wood, plastic, metal, and other materials with ease. However, when it comes to things like ceramic tiles or glass, there is a big difference. Materials such as wood and plastic, even metal, do not shatter into many small pieces like tiles or glass do.

Ceramic tiles are usually quite brittle, and this means that often when you go to drill or cut them, instead of forming a hole or cut, you will simply end up shattering them into pieces. Now, this is not to say that it is impossible to drill through tile, but by no means is it easy.

There are certain tools and components you will need to get the job done, and they need to be high-quality components. So, yes, if necessary, it is possible to drill through tile, but it is not highly recommended. It will require a steady hand, the right tools, and a good deal of patience. For a step-by-step guide on how to drill through tile, go to the next section where we discuss this in great detail.

Drilling Through Tile: What You Need for the Job

As we have established, yes, it is possible to drill through tiles, as long as you have the right tools for the job. So, what are the tools you will need in order to drill through tile?

The right bit

By far the most important factor when drilling through tile is the drill bit. No, you cannot just use any old drill bit for this. For instance, a drill bit which you would usually use for something like a 2 x 4 will quickly shatter a tile, and is therefore no good for this. Here you will need to purchase a special glass or tile drill bit, as they are specially designed for this job

Even better is if you have a diamond drill bit. Diamond drill bits are expensive, but they are super sharp, very hard, and they are your best option for this job.

You can use a masonry bit if it is all you have on hand, but these increase the risk of having the tile shatter when compared to glass or diamond bits. Furthermore, you can also try using a high-speed steel drill bit, but these will wear out after just a couple of holes.

Safety glasses

You will want to have safety glasses protecting your eyes, because if something shatters or flies off the drill, it would be a real shame if you lost an eye.

The right drill

What you also need here is the right drill. Now, it does not have to be anything super fancy, but it does need to have an adjustable speed or RPM setting. This is especially important depending on the length, size, and type of drill bit you are using.


You will also need some masking tape, a hammer, water, and cloth to drill through time.

Drilling Through Tile: Step By Step

Now that you know that drilling through tile is possible, and now that you have the right tools for the job, let’s go over a step by step process on how you can get the job done with as few complications as possible.

  • You need to use a soft cloth with warm water to wipe the tile down. You don’t want any residue being present as this will increase the difficulty of the task and may cause scratching.
  • Choose your drill bit. Here, we would recommend using a diamond drill bit, or a special glass bit, or even a special tile bit. Selecting the right drill bit is going to make all of the difference here.
  • Now it is time for you to put on those safety glasses. You don’t want to injure your eyes in case something goes wrong.
  • Get your masking tape and cover the area that is to be drilled with it. Here, you want to make an X with the masking tape, with the center of the X being where the hole is to be drilled. This will help give the drill bit some traction, and it will also reduce the chances of the outer rim of the hole chipping during drilling.
  • Drilling into tile, even with a diamond bit, is pretty hard, and your bit is not going to get much traction at first. For this reason, take your hammer and lightly tap the drill bit into the tile, thus creating a little pilot hole. Be very gentle when doing this and do not go very deep, or else you will shatter the tile.
  • Now insert the bit into the drill, secure it, and start drilling. Remember to only apply little or modest pressure, as applying too much pressure will also shatter the tile. If you have a diamond bit that is less than 1.2 inch long, make sure to not use more than 600 RPM, and for bits up to 1 inch in length, no more than 450 RPM.

Every 15 to 20 seconds, you want to use an up and down pumping motion, just to regain some traction. Also, you want to constantly lubricate the drill bit and hole with water, preferably from a spray bottle, in order to reduce friction, heat, and the chances of shattering the tile. Keep drilling until the hole has been completed.


As you can see, while it is possible to drill through tile, you do need the right tools for the job and you need to be exceedingly careful too.

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