How Long Do Cordless Drill Batteries Last

How Long Do Cordless Drill Batteries Last
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How Long Do Cordless Drill Batteries Last?

Owning a cordless drill is one of the best things you can do if you want to maintain your home. With so much versatility at your fingertips, a cordless drill is your best friend when it comes to renovations and maintenance.

The convenience of a cordless drill is balanced by the fact that you do need to recharge your battery when it runs out of juice, and at some point, the charge capacity of your battery will start to deteriorate. Today’s question is, how long do cordless drill batteries last?

Battery Life

The lifespan of a cordless drill battery is somewhere in the range of 3-5 years. This may not sound like a lot, and it is not, but during that time, you can get a lot of use out of your drill.

Three to five years sounds like a large range of time, and, again, it is, so there must be something which you can do to ensure that your battery lasts more towards the five years than the three. In fact, with the proper care, you can move your battery beyond those five years and save yourself some money in the process.

A rechargeable battery for your cordless drill is not cheap. If you have purchased a drill with a battery, you want that battery to last as long as possible.

Taking the time to properly care for your battery will enhance its life, and when we say, ‘taking the time,’ we literally mean a few seconds here and there. Battery care is easy, and that input of a few moments when you are using your battery will equal years in battery life and more money in your pocket.

What Can I Do To Care For My Battery?

There are many simple things which you can do to care for your battery. Some take no time at all, and some need a little effort on your part. If you take the time, you will improve your battery life. Here is what you can do.

Most cordless drill batteries work best when they are recharged often. We are not saying to recharge your battery as soon as it drops in charge, but if it drops to around 70%, then recharging it will help to improve the lifespan.

If we keep our bodies inactive, it takes a toll. The same is true of batteries. If a battery is not used often, the battery life begins to decrease. You bought that cordless drill for a reason, so start using it.

There are times where you may want to charge your battery a little to get a little more time from it, but to keep your battery in tip-top shape, you should charge it to full capacity each time. Most modern chargers come equipped with a light to tell you when the battery is fully charged, so take advantage of that.

Cool and dry is the way to go!

Store your battery in a cool and dry place, and the life of your battery will be improved.

A damaged battery is a battery with a shorter lifespan. If you allow your battery to become damaged by having something fall on it when in storage, then you are decreasing the battery life.

Store it in the case it came in or with some padding. You should also protect it from moisture when in storage as moisture can damage the battery.

Use the battery as it was intended. When inserting it into your drill, make sure to place it into the drill carefully. If you protect it from damage, it will last for a long time.

When you are using your battery, use the drill as it was intended. If you put a lot of pressure on it, then you are going to strain and stress it. If you run the battery down too fast, you will decrease the life of your battery.

What Not To Do

We have talked a lot about the ‘do’s’ of improving battery life, but what things should you not be doing? Here is a list of things to avoid when using your cordless drill battery:

Try not to run the battery until it is empty. This can be hard to do, but if you can get the battery back on charge before it has completely run out, then you can save some of the battery life.

When it comes to charging your battery, you should remove it from the charger when it has fully charged. Leaving your battery on the charger when it is fully charged can decrease the battery life of your battery.

We mentioned storing your battery in a cool, dry place. You should also avoid heating your battery. If your battery gets hot, then stop using it (if you are using it), and place it in a cool and well-ventilated area. Let the battery cool down before using or charging it.

Keep the battery away from moisture. When you are storing your battery, make sure that you store it in a place which is dry. Also, when you are using your battery, try not to use it in wet conditions. If it is raining, do not use your battery outside. If you are working near water, take care to protect your battery from the water.

In Conclusion

Cordless drill batteries are the reason your drill works. Without a battery, your drill is next to useless. Taking care of your battery is key to extending the life of your battery.

If you properly care for your battery, then you can extend your battery life beyond the 3-5 years which batteries usually last. In fact, you can take your battery well beyond the five years.

Take the time to use your battery as it is intended to be used. Take the time to store your battery correctly and keep it away from harm and moisture. And be sure to take care of your battery, and your battery will take care of you.

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